Help, FAQ, Tips and Tricks

How so I setup a ProfileTap page?

On, click "GET STARTED" to login via Instagram, this will take you to your dashboard which will display all your Instagram photos. You can click on any photo, add a URL and save. Click on the caption bar and edit text as needed.

Click on "Preview Profile" to check how your ProfileTap appears to other users.

How many photos should I add links to?

If possible you should consider adding links to all your existing photos, so that your followers can find any photo on your Instagram and link to a website. It is recommended to link at least 15 photos so that your profile page looks full.

Going forward whenever you post a new Instagram it is recommended you go to your ProfileTap dashboard immediately and add a link to the new photo posted.

What should I say in the caption for ProfileTap page?

People will be able to click on photos in your ProfileTap page, so the caption should clearly say what they will get when they click on photos. It can say something like "Tap on photo to read more" or "Tap on photo to shop".

You can also add hyperlinks and emoji in the caption field in your ProfileTap page.

Whats the best way to setup ProfileTap in your Instagram Profile?

Once you have created your ProfileTap page, copy the link and add it as your website in Instagram profile using the Instagram app. Edit your Instagram Bio details to say something link "Click the link below to read more about the photos" or "Click the link below to shop these products".

You can also add emoji to the bio with an arrow pointing down to the website, anything to get attention to the ProfileTap link in Bio so that you can get users to it and drive traffic to your website.

Can I make my website url display the ProfileTap page?

Yes, you dont have to use the{username} URL on your Instagram profile, you can setup your own website URL to display the ProfileTap page, for example you make to display the ProfileTap page you created.

Go to your domain provider admin page and setup subdomain forwarding to{username}, this will make to redirect to your ProfileTap page. You can then add to your Instagram profile page.

What kind of website do I link my photos?

You can link your photos to any website you wish. ProfileTap is useful if you are a brand posting photos of your products on Instagram. In this case you can have the photos link to the actual product page on your website so that your followers can easily find the product when they click on the photo.

You can also use ProfileTap if you have a blog or article you maintain for your Instagram posts, so your followers can click on photos to read more. You can also link to third party website and make your ProfileTap page more informative to your followers, so that they can read more about a place where the photo was taken.

Can I have the photo link open other app?

ProfileTap page is usually accessed on a mobile device, so you can have the links open another app or another page on Instagram app.

For example you can set the URL as instagram://user?username=krisrak to open a specific user in Instagram app when clicked on a photo in ProfileTap page. This is useful if you are using Instagram to feature other Instagram users, this way you can link a photo to open the original poster's photo page on Instagram app.

What is the advantage of making your ProfileTap page as your Instagram Profile website ?

By adding your ProfileTap page in Instagram Profile, you will enable your followers to link exactly to a page which corresponds to the Instagram photo, this way you can increase traffic to your website and get better conversion if you are selling any products.

Instead of having a link to your homepage in Instagram Profile, you can now send users to your ProfileTap page and drive traffic to the right place in your website based on the photo that is clicked.