Link your Instagram photos

Add links to your Instagram photos and create your clickable Instagram profile page.


How it works?

Create and add your ProfileTap page to your Instagram profile, your followers can tap on any photo and will be taken back to the right place and you get higher conversion and engagment


Drive traffic directly to your blog post or website for more engagement

Why create ProfileTap page?

The Problem

One of the biggest problems with Instagram is that you cannot link your photos back to your content, whether its your blog post, news article or product purchase page, your followers cannot tap on a photo and link to a more detailed page.

The Solution

ProfileTap allows you to create a profile page so that each of your Instagram photos links directly to the website you want your followers to be taken to.

Add your unique ProfileTap page URL as the website in your Instagram profile and your followers will be able to tap on any photo to land in the right place.

The Result

Instead of pointing all of the traffic to one website from your Instagram profile, add your ProfileTap page into your Instagram profile to link your followers to the right place based on each photo they tap.

This will get you 20x increased conversion rate by removing several steps to help the user find what they are looking for, whether its driving traffic back to your content or a product you are selling in your shop.

Simple Dashboard to link Instagram photos

Just sign-in with Instagram to start adding links to your Instagram photos and your profile page is created.


Easy and Simple to Manage

  • Desktop and Mobile optimized dashboard to link new photos anytime from anywhere.
  • One tap on photo, paste link and save to go live
  • Customize caption text for profile based on your goals, you can say "Tap on photos below to read more" or "Tap on photo to buy it"
  • Increase product sales and drive user traffic to your site